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LIVE Personnel

Intelligence By Design delivers another website for LIVE Personnel

Chinchilla Community Commerce & Industry

Intelligence By Design Delivers another website for the Chinchilla Community Commerce & Industry

Ignite Your Future 2018

Intelligence By Design was privileged to join the BEST program and promote the professional sound industry and talk about running this type of business in chinchilla. We also shared the advanced range of skills Intelligence By Design had to offer the Chinchilla community and encouraged the students that what they start out doing from school in to days environment will not be th ...

Chinchilla Show 2018

Intelligence By Design sponsors the Main Stage entertainment at the Chinchilla Show. Suppling the sound for the event.

Behind the Scenes with URSA Broadcast and Cirque Du Soleil

Watch this exclusive, behind the scenes, live production video of Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘Mystère’, filmed using Blackmagic URSA Broadcast and ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel. Producer/DoP Lukas Colombo and Director Jacob Mann used Blackmagic URSA Broadcast to reach and hold tight shots, follow the acrobats and track the energy of Mystère performers while seamless color grading and colo ...

Speaker Delay on FOH

I have seen a few questions on the need to delay the front of house speakers in a setup of recent times on some of the Facebook forums I'm on so I thought I would put together a discussion about when and when not to use delay in front of house. We will assume at this stage we are talking about an indoor setup. To start with lets establish the speed sound travels. The speed o ...

Drum Micing On A Budget

Found this video from from professional drummer Emily Dolan Davies. Not everyone can afford a full set of drum mics, and in this video, Emily gives some options if only 1,2,3 or 4 mics are within budget, and where she would place them. ...

Latest website - Chinchilla A&P Association Inc.

Check out our most recent website:  Chinchilla A&P Association Inc. ...

Latest Website

Chinchilla Museum

Check out our most recent website:  Chinchilla Historical Society Inc. (Museum). ...