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Intelligence By Design PTY LTD

Welcome to Intelligence By Design - the young, dynamic new company that is highly experienced in providing:

  • intelligent solutions to your electronic design requirements.
  • intelligent PC, MAC and mobile applications
  • web hosting and design
  • Live sound equipment and services

Electronic devision


Our services include:

  • Electronic circuit design and PCB layout
  • Embedded software development
  • Altera FPGA development
  • Delphi programming (windows application development)
  • Database applications
  • Mechanical engineering design



Our experience includes:

  • The design of Sizer control system circuit board layouts
  • Design of Altera VHDL based language circuits
  • Writing and maintenance of software for circuit boards coded in Assembly and C programming Languages
  • Various communication protocols and devices (see note 1)
  • Developing own communication protocols
  • The collation of documentation for a medical product to be granted international CE marking
  • Design of heat elements for the purpose of heating brass nut inserts to be pressed into  plastic enclosures
  • Intelligence by Design has written and maintained a database software package for the purpose of storing and collating student course marks and details for a tertiary level college



I am pleased to introduce my credentials as managing director of Intelligence By Design:

  • Completed studies as an electronics design engineer focusing on micro processor systems (see note 2)
  • 14 years experience designing control systems for fruit sizer machinery. Used in the horticulture industry (see note 3)
  • Mechanical maintenance of fruit sizers
  • Project management skills encompassing costing, ordering, timetabling, outsourcing, manufacturing, and componentry management
  • Protel versions EDA through to the latest release used in circuit board and PCB layout
  • Development of single through four layer circuits boards
  • Competency in mechanical design using Intellicad (Autocad derivative) and Solidworks 



I am personally involved in all projects undertaken by Intelligence By Design. You have my guarantee of excellence in every aspect of our work, including performance on-time and within budget.

Please contact us for references or any further information to experience the benefits of Intelligence By Design, the young, dynamic new company that is highly experienced in providing intelligent solutions to your electronic design requirements.


Note  1 (communication devices/protocols):

  • FTDI serial devices
  • FTDI Vinculum
  • Lantronix WiPort
  • Serial
  • Ethernet
  • CAN (Control Area Network)

Note  2 (experience with the following microprocessors):

  • Motorola HC12 family
  • Motorola HCs12 family
  • Motorola Coldfire
  • Atmel AVR family
  • Atmel 8051 family
  • Intel 8051

Note  3 (design involvement):

  • Design appropriate PCB circuit boards and the firmware for running the various tasks involved in the weighing of produce, decision making as to where the fruit was to go on the machine and the exiting of the fruit from the machinery
  • Mechanical design of the control system enclosures
  • Customer relations with onsite and telephone help
  • Mechanical as well as electronic servicing