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Dry Hire - Sound

Speakers Available for Hire

HK Audio L5 115F

Passive, 1200W program, 15″ / 1″, 134 dB max. SPL,  8 ohms

$70 / Per Day

HK Audio L5 112 X

Passive, 1000W program, 12″/ 1″, 135 dB max SPL, 8 ohms

$65 / Per Day

Peavey SP 1G

Passive, 900W Program, 15", 8 ohms 

$50 / Per Day

Power Amplifiers

Power Amplifiers


4 Channels x 2000W Peak with DSP builtin

$110 / Per Day

Speaker Cables

2 x 4mm Core Speaker Cable 9m

$5.50 / Per Day

2 x 4mm Core Speaker Cable 18m

$8.25 / Per Day

4-Core PA Euro Speaker Cable - 4mm - Speakon 1m

$1.50 / Per Day

4-Core PA Euro Speaker Cable - 4mm - Speakon 15m

$10.15 / Per Day

4-Core PA Euro Speaker Cable - 4mm - Speakon 20m

$13.50 / Per Day

4-Core PA Euro Speaker Cable - 4mm - Speakon 25m

$16.90 / Per Day

4-Core PA Euro Speaker Cable - 4mm - Speakon 30m

$20.25 / Per Day

4-Core PA Speaker Cable - 2.5mm - Speakon 25m

$13.20 / Per Day

Audio Adapter - Speakon female to Speakon female - 4-core

$1.10 / Per Day

1/4" Jack to Locking Speaker Connector Link Cable

$1.35 / Per Day

Audio Mixers

Allen & Health Qu-32

Must Hire our Sound Technician

$225 / Per Day

QSC TouchMx 8

TouchMix is quite simply the most powerful, compact mixer ever created. It offers the features, capabilities and sound quality of the world's most esteemed large format consoles in a highly compact and portable package that’s small enough to be carry-on luggage. Perfect for solo and duo musicians, small bands and AV production professionals, the TouchMix-8 goes "Beyond Mixing" by offering Wizards, Presets and other beneficial tools that help both seasoned audio professionals and novices alike get great results quickly and easily.

Radio Microphone's

Shure QLX-D Wireless Receiver

Delivers defined, streamlined performance with transparent 24-bit digital audio. Combining professional features with simplified setup and operation.

$75 / Per Day

Shure QLX-D Beta 87A

Handheld Wireless Microphone Transmitter is ideal for wireless vocals in presentation spaces, music venues, and houses of worship.

Requires 1x Shure QLX-D Wireless Receiver.

$55 / Per Day

QLX-D Bodypack Transmitter

Wireless Bodypack Transmitter quickly syncs with a wireless receiver over IR at the push of a button and maintains a clear, uninterrupted signal over its entire range.

Requires 1x Shure QLX-D Wireless Receiver.

$25 / Per Day


Beta 58A

A high-output vocal microphone, the BETA 58A® features a shaped frequency response ideal for close-up vocals.

$16.50 / Per Day

Beta 57A

Excellent microphone designed for use with amplified or acoustic instruments. Compact grille design.

$16.50 / Per Day

Aston Starlight Stereo pair cardioid microphones

The Starlight features a 20 mm cardioid capsule. Starlight showcases a host of innovations, including laser targeting, multiple voices (Vintage, Modern & Hybrid), and near perfectly linear off-axis response, which have seen the mic win a host of international awards, and a nomination for 2018 NAMM TEC, the ‘Oscars’ of the music technology industry.

$60 / Per Day

Microphone Cables

2m Microphone Lead

$1.98 / Per Day

5m Microphone Lead

$2.55 / Per Day

10m Microphone Lead

$3.55 / Per Day

DI (Direct Injection Boxes)

DBX 12 Active DI

$10 / Per Day

Radial J48 Active DI Box

The Radial J48 is a 48 volt powered active direct box that delivers studio quality performance while eliminating hum and buzz caused by ground loops.

$16.50 / Per Day

Patch Leads

Stage Series TRS Cable - Balanced

$1.35 / Per Day

TRS to Dual RCA 2m Cable

$2.20 / Per Day

2 x 1/4" Jack to 2 x RCA 2m Cable

$1.50 / Per Day

Balanced XLR(m) - 1/4" TRS Line Level Cable - 5m

$2.45 / Per Day

Balanced XLR(m) - 1/4" TRS Line Level Cable - 2m

$1.65 / Per Day

Microphone Signal Splitter XLR Y-Cable

$1.45 / Per Day

Digital Effects Unit

Lexicon MX400XL

Lexicon is noted for reverbs, and now the new MX400XL dual stereo/surround reverb processor brings those quality sounds to project studios, surround facilities on a budget, and live sound applications. The new single-rackspace, 4-in, 4-out MX400XL combines an intuitive front-panel design with Lexicon's "Hardware Plug-in" technology, a unique USB connection, and VST/AU interface for use with software recording platforms.

$40 / Per Day

Miscellaneous Equipment

Speaker Stands (Pair)

$16.5 / Per day

5 channel 900mm OH&S Cable tray

$14 / Per Day

2 channel 1m OH&S Cable tray

$10.75 / Per Day

Cable Cover - Dropover Pipe - YELLOW - 1m

$3.15 / Per Day