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Ignite Your Future 2018

Intelligence By Design was privileged to join the BEST program and promote the professional sound industry and talk about running this type of business in chinchilla. We also shared the advanced range of skills Intelligence By Design had to offer the Chinchilla community and encouraged the students that what they start out doing from school in to days environment will not be the only career they will have. 

Framework and commitment – BEST Chinchilla

  • Committee members - monthly meetings
  • Representatives from business, students, school & community
  • Improved career development of Year 10-12
  • Key focus on preparing year 12 for entering workforce
  • Better understanding between schools & business to shape educational programs
  • Improve local post school employment outcomes for the youth of Chinchilla
  • Expand on the “taste a trade” and to involve non-trade professions
  • Other business readiness skills (resumes, employer expectations)
  • Covers all industries throughout the Chinchilla economy


The students had some great questions that related pacifically to running a small business rather than the professional sound industry.


The students where also given the opportunity to have a go at using our Allen & Health Qu-32 Mixer and playing with sound effects.

About the author

Daniel Rogers

Daniel Rogers

Owner and director of Intelligence By Design New Zealand and Australia. Daniel is currently living in Chinchilla with his wife and son where Intelligence By Design is based. Daniel has a New Zealand Certificate in Engineering focusing on Micro Processor systems. 14 years experience for TASC Systems LTD designing, servicing and installing control systems for fruit handling equipment both in New Zealand and around the world. Contracted to assist in the ISO-9001 and CE accreditation of a medical cleaning device for 12 months. Has also developed Microsoft Windows applications. He has 20+ years experience in sound engineering for Churches in both countries. He is currently doing web design and sound engineering in Chinchilla Australia.

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